Who we are

The Solomon Network manages a network of professionals allied and aligned with each other to provide expertise in a wide variety subjects. Each affiliated member of the network is self-employed in a consulting practice focused on their specific area of expertise.

We can custom design the support services you need for the right amount of time and at the right price, many times with guaranteed results.

The Solomon Network becomes a one-stop shop for our clients and an effective business relationship for fellow members of the Network.

The following pages represent some of the members of the Network with their specialties and credentials for practicing that specialty. If you would like to know more about any of these people or the Solomon Network in general, please feel free to direct your inquiry to michael@solomonnetwork.com.

Michael Poteet - Sr. Partner; Operations
Randy Faltys - Sr. Partner; Finance
David Carl - Sr. Partner; Development
Clarence Miller - Associate and Advisor
Bob Bliobenes - Associate and Advisor
Wayne Flanders - Associate and Advisor