The Solomon Network has produced numerous documents, presentations and aids over the years. Most of them are offered through hiring us then we bring our expertise to the use of the tools. However, some of them are available in the public domain or are useful without further assistance. The following tools are available as a download from this page. Just click on the link for each one.

ISO based self assessment tool. This tool is best used by a person with competent knowledge of the ISO 9001;2008 Standard. However, the questions asked are good and relevant to anyone who wishes to advance their level of performance.
ISO 9004 Self Assessment Tool

Identifying Company Process Interactions. This is a Power Point presentation that explains the SIPOC process practiced in Six Sigma operations. It is basic and simple, easily understood and has the ability to reveal a great deal about your operation if you will take the time to apply it.
Identify Company Processes

Product Realization. In the world of ISO 9001;2008 there is a requirement to establish a process interaction chart. There is one chart in the Standard. This is another option that is simple and useful.
Product Realization Diagram