Wayne Flanders

Biographical sketch

Wayne Flanders is one of those people you want to stand beside you in the hard times. He serves as an advisor to The Solomon Network in his areas of expertise such as Customer Service, manufacturing/test layout and operation, and corporate accountability.

His experience has included working for an exciting start up company with all the challenges that brings as well as working for a large multi-national company with the problems that such a business faces. In all his assignments he has been the Customer Champion; the one who listens when no one else does. He is quick to spot the break downs in accountability and careful on how he provides advice.

Most recently Wayne is an owner/partner in a manufacturing company building material handling equipment. He serves as the technical adviser and the Customer Champion, once again.

Wayne is a hands-on manager who is able to make sure the training people receive through the services of The Solomon Network are understood, refined and practiced in a practical and sensible manner for each client. He is our deployment specialist.