Michael Poteet
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Michael is Vice President of Operations for The Solomon Network. He has spent 29 years in American and International industrial and service environments. Assignments ranged from serving as a line supervisor up to CEO but always as a manager with an emphasis on quality assurance. In recent years he has consulted in areas of management, process development, process deployment and process management, general management, quality assurance, organizational improvement and conflict resolution.

Past clients include Fortune 500 companies and others as small as 19 employees. These companies represent a variety of products and services including; Maintenance of surveillance aircraft for the US Air Force; manufacturer of paper and plastic bags; Installation and operation of computer based environmental control systems for high rise office buildings; Circuit Board fabrication and assembly; and many others.

Most countries thrive when there is a vibrant small to medium size business base and that is where much of Michael's emphasis has been. Experience includes America, China, Hungary, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Specialized Education, training and skills include:

BBA, Production/Operations Management

Lead Auditor Training - Registrar Accreditation Board

Auditor Training for Telecom Standard, TL-9001.

Alternative Dispute Resolution training for American Courts

Membership in relevant organizations:

Alumni member of the Board of Overseers for The Quality Texas Foundation. Includes a 6 year

history of volunteer service as Board Member, Examiner and Observer.

Member in good standing of American Society for Quality.

An Associate Member in good standing of the American Bar Association.

Other activities of significance:

Founder, and President of the Board of Directors for Peaceful Mountain; a Christian Retreat Center.

Published speaker at the 2001 China-America Quality Conference, Beijing, PRC. Topic was "Leadership in the Quality Profession."